Just how can a Ukrainian – Ukraine is a high relationship destination among People in america after Russian.

That’s why you also need to know how to get a visa for her if you consider getting a bride there. Here you will find the simplest guidelines about this confusing red tape hassle.

1. File a petition for a Fiancee visa

K-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa for a fiancee that is ukrainian. It’ll let your Ukrainian bride that is mail-order started to the U.S. and obtain hitched to you personally within 3 months upon the arrival. Before applying for the visa it self, register the petition to your U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Remember that in the event the Ukrainian bride has kiddies, they have to be listed in the petition too, even though they’ll not travel. Additionally you should be careful along with your bride’s names – you ought to point out all her names maiden that is including past married names. Otherwise, you can expect to face a delay that is serious.

After the petition is authorized, your bride gets the ability to submit an application for a fiancee visa during the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The latter will alert you associated with approval.

2. Submit an application for the visa & prepare for the meeting

It’s important to not ever make an application for the visa interview until your bride (a visa applicant) completes these steps.

  • Action # 1. She must fill out (in English) and submit the fiancee visa application online after checking her eligibility.
  • Action # 2. Collect most of the necessary documents to offer the application.
  • Action # 3. Make an appointment with a physician authorized by the Embassy in Kyiv (Ukraine’s capital) and pass a checkup that is medical.
  • Action # 4. Schedule and sign up for passport distribution.
  • Action #5. Spend a $265 visa application cost and obtain a visa verification receipt from the bank.
  • Action # 6. Just now your Ukrainian bride can phone the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and acquire a visa visit or do every thing online.

3. Pass the fiancee visa meeting

Now, it is very important your bride comes on time because otherwise her visit may be canceled. And, evidently, it isn’t feasible in the future for the visa meeting with out a appointment that is prior. If she passes the meeting effectively, she could be informed about any of it there.

But, it may need the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine around 5-6 trading days to provide the visa to her passport and travel papers. As a result of this, Embassy recommends not to ever set the marriage date ahead of time.

Now, here’s just what they could pose a question to your bride that is ukrainian at meeting:

  1. Her back ground
  2. exactly exactly How both of you met
  3. Her career and hobbies, relationships along with other family members
  4. Wedding
  5. Residing plans within the U.S.
  6. Provided experiences for the fiance and also the fiancee and whether or not they met one another family relations, etc.

The ukrainian bride will receive her documents back in an envelope after some time. It is essential she doesn’t start that mail-order-wife.com legit envelope but a .S. Immigration or Public Health provider officer. In the event she starts it, it would likely trigger a suspect over tempering plus the entire procedure may begin from the start.

Dependent on a instance, the Embassy may let you know in regards to the significance of the further administrative processing which might take one other 60 times.

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